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 In the summer
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Inviato - 23/09/2019 :  09:20:18  Vedi Profilo  Invia Email all'autore  Rispondi con Citazione Invia un Messaggio Privato a ylq
In the summer of laughter and tears [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url], with a trace of cool breeze - the inscription looks out the window, the rain is like a meteor quickly on the window. It opened yesterday. Under the light of the lamp, the rain was covered with a layer of faint yellow, more like a meteor. It hit my calm memory lake and splashed a drop of memory. I reached out and caught the water in the air. The hand felt the coldness left behind after it left, and I could see the traces that belonged to it. The big trees on the street are pleasantly washed by the rain, giving a fresher, cleaner feeling. The road is also wet because of the rain, reflecting the lights of various shops along the road, wearing a glorious coat for yourself. Suddenly, a gust of wind made me shudder, realizing that this summer is about to go, and my mind naturally shows a picture. As long as I think of summer this year, the picture that emerges in my mind must be this picture. Because of the senior high school entrance examination, everyone is eager to read, and I don��t dare to turn on the TV, so I always stare out the window. It was the early summer before the entrance examination, but the temperature was as hot as the summer, and the sun was sprinkled in every corner. Looking across the glass, I looked at the sky, very blue, and a few white clouds floated leisurely. Perhaps because of the window, I feel that the sun is not as glaring as it used to be, giving a feeling of vitality rather than the sizzling heat and the lazyness of wanting to sleep. The lush green trees along the street are visible between the building and the building, proclaiming the vitality of life. At that time, I began to smell the summer smell in the air [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. In the summer of last year, I was holding a popsicle in front of the TV and watching "Cherry Maruko" and "Detective Conan". How can I pay attention to what sky, clouds and trees! I don��t think that summer without popsicles and cartoons can be called summer. I didn��t know until this year that I will still come and leave after these summers. It��s the clouds, the trees and the sky that have been with me this summer. It's like setting it up early, naturally it doesn't need any excess. A rain fell on the face, cool. I stopped the pen that was being recorded in my hand, and looked at it with amazement [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url]. I kept searching in my mind: "When did you get used to using words to vent your feelings?" It seems that it started from this summer. I felt very happy after I suddenly picked up my brush and remembered my mood on the first night of the 3rd. Then slowly became a habit after this summer, began to like to watch quietly, listen, and write in the quiet night. After this summer, I no longer believe in what is easy forever. I only know that it is an eternal beauty that many people want to pursue. Whether it is friendship or something else. After this summer, no longer afraid of loneliness, but began to enjoy the joy of being alone. A cool breeze blows away the pictures of this summer, the laughing face, the depressed look, the girl with big eyes. . . . . . All drifted away in the wind, taking away the summer also took away the joy and sadness of this summer. Close your eyes, the picture reappears in your mind, and your mouth is gently rising.
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